Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Revival!

Holy crap! It had been more than 3 MONTHS since i've updated my blog. Blame it on the bloody EXAMS, which have not even ENDED yet! Thank you Mr. Tan for forgetting to set the Mod Maths paper 1 questions! Oh well, I think its about time to revive the blog now :P

Hmm... since I feel like it, let's blog about some new Gadgets that i've got? :P

First up, my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 camera which I got on 30th August 2009(Yes I remember the exact date! *GASP*)

Sexy Eh?

Got it in Summit for RM1600. it was on promotion when i went there! It was one of the last 3 units available! Anyway, thanks to this camera, you'd be seeing random pics on this blog a lot more often :P

Lazy discuss the specs and features, will do that on a seperate post next time

Lummi Wee NS

Well, if you don't know what this is, its a flashlight.


Comparism shot with a 50c coin, a regular AA battery, and the light itself! The blue thing there is the battery its using, which is a Lithium Ion(YES! Same type as those in ur phone!) 90mAh cell!

Damage? Rm385 for the light, charger, 2 batteries and tritium vials.

Worth it? HELL YEAH!! Wear it everyday, even to school!

Speaking of Tritium, watch the Tritium GLOW!!

No, obviously it ain't THAT bright, just a photography technique i used . But trust me, its bright in total darkness all right!

Bright Bright Bright!! Thats the only thing i can say about it. Check this beamshot out! This is pretty much what you're looking at in real life.

Last up, my Gigabyte GM-R04 Optical Gaming Mouse!

My previous mouse was starting to act a little conky when the right click button decided to act unresponsively. Plus, my old mouse doesn't feel that comfortable during long use. I NEED a mouse that is ergonomically comfortable since I usually spend more than 5hrs a day in front of a PC!

The Gigabyte mouse have very goot ergonomics, all the curves at all the right places, indented thumb rest makes it even more comfortable to use for long hours. It is also noticably heavier than my old mouse, maybe twice the weight, which is a good thing. Not only is the ergonomics way better than my old mouse, the Gigabyte also gives me 2 extra buttons right above the thumb rest, which is programmable to any key i want. Currently its set to Double Click and Back. Thanks to this, it feels weird double clicking when using someone else's PC now! . DPI sensitivity up to 2000DPI ain't bad, plus it have a DPI-switch-on-the-fly button. IMO, 2000DPI is pretty overkill. On my miniscule 17" monitor, the 1200DPI setting is more than enough!

Damage? Only RM58!! IMO, its WAAAAAAAAAY more worth it than say, a RAZOR Krait, which is used in most cyber cafes in SS15. The Gigabyte is heavier, comfier, more sensitive(if i need it to), more responsive, have more buttons, and most importantly, its cheaper! Rm58 for the Gigabyte vs. RM109 for the Krait!

Fun Facts!
1. I'm gonna be working this weekend, and also during the Nov + Dec holiday.

You can find me at Orbit IT Centre located in Subang Parade Digital One, Lower Floor

2. All the photos+videos that i took with the LX3 takes up a whopping 11.2GB, and it had only been 1.5 months since i'd had it!

3. I had snapped more than 4000 photos in less than 2 months!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guess Who's Back?!

Yeap, thats right! I'm back!

Well, check back tomorrow for updates :P

currently thinking what to fill this blog with. LOL!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm back!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating for so long. Was supposed to update on Monday once I get the vids for the talent quest, but it got delayed for some reasons unknown to you guys, only known to me :P

Anyway, here are a few vids from the Talent Quest SMKSU Semi-Finals. These are all dance vids, only singing vid I have is Revathi, Shereen and The Guailou.

Revathi Krishnan Singing

Dance 1 Part 1 From SMKSU

Dance 1 Part 2

Degels From USJ13(i think)

Shoosh from SMKSU

Dance 2 from some fellas from a school i can't remember


Dance 4 from I-don't-know-don't-ask-me school

The Guailou's

Anyway, tickets for the Talent Quest SMKSU 09'-cum-dinner is on sale for RM60! Get it NOW from a teacher near you :P

Friday, June 26, 2009


Wohoo! Finally freed myself from the monopolies of WIndows XP. I'm now officially running on completely legal softwares and operating system now! :P

Although FireFox does looks kinda funky when viewing

Anyway, won't be updating my blog too often after this post, have to get used to UBUNTU now lol. But i'll definitely make a post about this coming Sunday's Talent QUest Semi FInals. Watch out :P

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today, Yesterday and the day before?

Hey guys, sorry I did not update my blog for quite a while. Was lazy not able to find time to update my blog lol. Have a feeling that this is gonna be a looooong post since its a 3-in-1 post. Sorry for not uploading the campzilla photos that I promised, but damn! Got 200+ photos sial! How to upload?! Maybe nx time lol...


I got myself a new set of chargers + batteries to replace my vented Eneloops for use in my flashlight. Got it online from for RM120 only! Man you guys should check that place out, quite a lot of stuff there and also can nego kau kau since barely anyone checks that place.

The batteries are rated at 2100mAh, 100mAh higher than Eneloops, feels slightly heavier and also have better build quality! Eventhough the Imedions are made in Taiwan while the Eneloops are made in Japan. The charger itself is pretty unique. It has 4 independant charging channels. What that means is that you can put in 4 cells with totally diffrent charge states, types and size and it will still charge normally! Another unique feature is the capability to switch between a 2 hour fast mode, or an 8 hour slow mode. In the fast mode, the charger will charge the batteries up to 93% charge rate, while in the slow mode it'll charge all the way up to 98%!! Pretty good by today's standard. Tested it in my torchlight and it gives out 1 hour and 30 minutes of constant 195 lumens! Compared to my vented Eneloops which barely lasts 30 minutes.

You guys should try out internet shopping man, its so convenient! Only thing is that you'd have to be careful and use your common sense. The safest way to deal would be COD which stands for Cash On Delivery. You set up a place to meet and deal there. The other common method is to bank in to the person's bank account and he/she'll deliver it to you via postage. The latter is somewhat risky, unless you're buying from a reputable dealer. Do NOT bank in money to someone who does not look trustworthy. If a deal is too good to be true, it might just be. A good site to deal in would be Lowyat.NET's garage sales and bulk sales section.


Was busy pwning Daniel in CS online when suddenly my bro called me. He ajak-ed me to go to Pyramid to watch Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D! Had not tried 3d yet, nor had I watched that movie, so I went. Brother came and picked me up late, 6.15, while the movie starts at 6.30. Somehow managed to reach there in time to collect the tix and enter the cinema. Received some weird glasses at the counter and entered the cinema.

Movie starts and 10 mins into the movie, THE FUCKING THING FROZE! Then it went blank and the lights went on. WTF?!?! After that, a guy came in and announced that because of Technical Difficulties, the movie will be replayed in 5 minutes time. Fine, as long as I get to watch my movie. 15 minutes later, a woman came in and talked loudly that the Technical Difficulty is taking longer than expected to fix and asked us to go to the counter to get a refund. WTF?!?! I CAME FROM FUCKING SS19, WASTING PETROL, TIME AND MONEY FOR POPCORN TO WATCH 10 MINUTES OF NOTHING?!?! Mother fucking cibai sial. Fine. Tried to catch the 8.45 show and was told that they themself don't know if it can be fixed by then. -.-"

Impatient ppl waiting for the restart, which never came.



More like a singing/dancing contest though, coz there were only 2 categories, singing and dancing. This year there was no band, learned from past year experience that bands take damn bloody cb long to get ready and perform. This year's talent quest saw 44 in the singing category and 11 in the dancing category, and ran from 1230pm to about 615pm. Imagine how long it'll take if theres an extra band category!

I was part of the crew, under logistics, same as the other RELA members. Our job was to arrive at 9am, and arrange all the chairs in the hall for the spectators to sit in. And guess what, our school actually installed a humidifier during the mid-year holiday renovations! But IMO, it made it worse instead. As if the hall isn't only hot, but its also freakin humid! It was like an urban rainforest!

The crowd was pretty good. They cheered for every single act! Most prolly coz many of the spectators are from other schools, supporting their own. Our school was never that sporting lol. Racist sial the ppl there, in a good way lol. Theres this ang-moh who joined the talent quest, and although nobody know who he is, EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE cheered for him even before he started! His singing ain't that bad though, he was one of the 10 who made it into the semi-finals.

Ang-moh fella singing

The best was yet to come though, Dancing category was next and the hall was filled with people, expecting lotsa eye candy to see some sick dance moves. The last one was the BEST SIAL!!! GOGO DEGELS!!! Why are they the best, well, wait till next week when I record their dance vid. :P

The most Zha Dou part is when a girl came out dressed in a long skirt and speghetti top, where she danced balet for a good 2 minutes. The crowd was already falling asleep and then the song ended and she exitted through the left stage door. After a couple seconds of silence, the crowd clapped, expecting it to be the end of her performance, when BAM! She loses the skirt for a track pants and did some HARDCORE MOVES MAN!! Pretty much expected though, nobody in their right mind would perform balet in front of teens lol...

The rest was pretty good, one group even performed Tecktonik. Since there are only 10 finalists per category, judging for the dance category was pretty easy, all they had to do is remove one.

Well, thats over for now. Next is the Semi-Finals which will be at the same place, and starts at 2.30. Make sure you guys go and SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL!! Congrats to Revathi and Shereen from our class to make it into the semi-finals!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!


Had my dinner today at TGI Fridays with my family today. Not bad sial that place! Birthday dude gets a free brownie with ice cream topping! Plus they sang a bday song for me lol. They asked me to do some stupid stuff also lol. Had to stand on the chair and freeze like a statue for 30 seconds in the middle of the restaurant. LOL!

Too bad never take video or photo of that, would be so nice :(

Anyway, had an awesome birthday today!

And to those who wished me, thanks man! I appreciate that!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Remember my previous post about the Flashaholics gathering? Remember that tiny WEE little light that produced a farkin huge load of light called the RAW? Well, I'm gonna get the smaller brother called the WEE.

How small is it? Well, heres a photo for comparism.

The one on the left is the WEE, while the one on the right is the RAW.

With a light that small, you must wonder whats powering that wee little light eh?

Well, its a custom made 10180(10mm by 18mm) li-ion(thats the same type as ur handphone!) battery, which is amazingly tiny, especially compared to an AA cell.

Just placed an order for the light, along with an extra battery, a charger, and 3 Ice Blue Tritium Vials*.

Bye bye Rm385, was fun knowing ya'. T.T

*Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, containing one proton and 2 neutrons. What makes it so interesting is that when you put Tritium in a glass vial containing a phosphor(think glow in the dark stuff), it makes the phosphor glow, for 12.33 years until it reached its half life. The tritium acts as the power source, exciting the phosphors and makes it glow.